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I love you guys
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I love you guys

Alien beauty queen
you know I love you and if it werent for you, who knows where I would be.  We became friends after a short time of hating eachother(dont date nasty players and we wont have problems). Im always here for you no matter what you know that, just like you have been there for me (chris and duff). Honestly if u wernt there through heartache after heartache that duff put me through, I probably would be locked up in a crazy place bc i would have gona completely nuts, but hey im getting over him and soon ill be okay. I love ya girl and always remember that, no matter where life may lead us, I will always be there for you!! Oh and dont worry about ur man jay he will be back soon and things will be just fine, and hey if there not then theres some hott surfer guys we can go check out at the beach. Its better being single anyways, believe me I know!!!

Alright so lets see, where do i start with you. Lets talk about the first time we met....I was supposed to hang out with your friend jason and he decided he was gonna bring you along because my girl tamara was with me. SO you guys drove an hour to come see us and when you guys arrived jason was a big d**k. (I think we all know what he said) but anyways we wnet to the pool and you took off your shirt and i almost died drinking so much water. So after that experience we became friends talking all the time, I was trying to help you get over you crazy ex (lets just call her B) and then I started having feelings for you but you werent ready and then you left and i made the biggerst mistake of my life i started dating duff (sorry if you ever read this duff, but you did hurt me alot. more than any guy ever has and the sad thing is you didnt cheat on me and the other sad thing is i stll like you) but anyways dan I know i hurt you but im truely sorry, im trying to make things right.

well lets see what i can say about your stupid ass.  I love you, I honestly truley do but your retarded.  You broke up with me for no god damn reason at all. OH and I know you want me back because you show it for one and your friends all tell me. So stop being a stubborn lil' shit and get back with me.  You know you love me too.  But hey if you dont come back it will be your loss and when you get it through your head that you should be with me like everyone tells you it might be too late.