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I love you guys
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I don't think you understand,
just what I’m going through,
Even though we messed around,
I'm still not good enough for you,
I really don't think you know,
what's going through my head,
why can't we just be friends,
so i can stop crying in my bed,
I just want to take it all back,
just relax and let it blow over,
I just wish i had it with me,
my lucky four leaf clover.


Sometimes I wish I were a little kid again. Skinned knees and scraped arms are easier to fix than a broken heart


IF you really love me like you say you do, you'll put no one above me, the way I do with you!


There’s something about the way you first kissed me a feeling I cant quiet explain I really am sorry but until it hits me I will kiss you again and again.


Daddy's little girl! But not the girl that daddy knew, Daddy never had a clue


Im JEALOUS of you, you get to be with yourself all of the time!!


He HoLdS Me WheN i StArT 2 cRy ř´¨`»MaKeS Me SmiLe WiTh JuS HiS eYeZ ShAreZ My HoPes DrEaMs FeArs«´¨`ř ř´¨`»WiPes AwAy ALL My TeArs i LoVe hiM wiToUt rEgReT«´¨`ř i JuS hAvEn't FoUnd HiM yEt



The oposite sex is the most dangerous and addictive drug out there, but the high is unlike anything else


Too Many Star In The Skies * Too Many Tears that have Left My Eyes * Too many Boys out in the Blue * But they are Nothing compared to You


Everyone is meant for someone...I believe that you are my someone...


Today i came upon an angel, i tapped him on the shoulder, he turned around and it was you!


You keep bringing up the past…and I keep hoping for a future.


I love when you look at me, because I know for a second I crossed your mind...


I needed someone, no1 was there... I asked for help, no1 answered... I begged for forgiveness, no1 cared... I screamed for attention, no1 took notice... I cried for you, no1 dried my tears...


You know, the worst part about having to fall asleep when you have a broken heart is having to wake up, because right when you start to open your eyes you are about to feel happy until you realize your life is terrible and the pain nearly swallows you whole


You asked...if i could go it all over again...have fun--be with him...and live life with no problems...but know my heart would be broken and i would be miserable...i would say yes...


I might not be what you want but at least I'm something


*He looked me deeply in the eyes. he lied and said "i won't make u cry" and when i thought it was 2 good 2 be true, he blew me off and found someone new*

I don’t care what u think of me cause it cant be 1/2 as bad as what I think of yew!

Mirrors don’t talk, and lucky for yew, they don’t laugh either!

 Never cry over anyone who wouldn't cry over you

 The worst way to miss someone, is to have them sitting right next to you & you know you can never have them again...

Loving you was easy, loosing you was hard, loving you is still easy but knowing you are no longer mine is the hardest of it all

No matter how much you try, you cant turn away from the past.

 Dont fall for a guy unless hes gonna be there to catch you.

don’t say u love me unless you really mean it, because I might do something really crazy, like believe it


You never know what you have until you lose it, and once you lose it, you can never get it back

I don't want you to love me
i don't want you to care
i don't want you wishing that i was there
If you really love and you do truly care
than stop spending nights wishing i was there


You can see a clock, but you can't see the time.
You can see my face, but you can't see my mind.
You can see the clouds, but you can't see the wind.
You saw my love for you begin, but you won't see it end.


True love never leaves the heart...So, if you don't love me now, you didn't love me then.


In this weird and twisted way, I know you miss me, not because I want to believe its true, but because you'll never find a girl that can put up with you like I did, you'll never find a girl who will care as much as I did...because no one will waste all there love on someone like I did


Why don't you slip yourself into something more a coma


Don't hate me because you hate me, hate me because you ain't me


your trailer park called...they want their trash back


Ive alwayz got somethin 2 say, u dont like it stay outta my way!!!


You hate me now .. but wait .. Soon youll be thinking "Damn, its too late"


You are right-I'm not as good as you, i'm better.