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so first things first
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so first things first

Man I hate this boring stuff but it looks like I have 2 do it so just hang in there with me.  Lets see where do i start?? What do you guys want to know?? Probably all the gossip, drama and heartaches in my life huh.... well theres too much too put on here. what can i say im a month away from being 18, im still in high school. what else does a teenager have then all of that stuff... lets see if we can find out!

Alright life facts im 17 my birthday is august 19th. Wow less then a month and ill be 18 and able to do the stuff....well that i already do know except for then it will be legal.  I live with my wonderful father (yes im a daddys girl), my 15 yr old brother and alot of younger brats. (there also my siblings but they drive me nuts) My mom well who knows where in the hell she is, that woman split when i was a yr old. I live in the beautiful state of FLORIDA in a small boring town that everyone calls melboring when its actually melbourne. I go to a drama filled high school called eau gallie high, and ill be a senior next year. wow cant wait for that. So enough about me how about u tell me something about urself... Oh wait thats right you cant, this is my site sorry maybe next time.

its me
alright so its alittle misleading

Favorite Quotes

Everything happens for a reason: whether good or bad

Daddy's lil girl but not the little girl daddy knew, daddy never had a clue

Favorite TV Show: alright so my favorite show has to be,,,wait i cant choose its a tie between three of them king of queens, that 70's show and friends

Favorite Movie:my favorite movie has to be greese

Favorite Music:I love all types of music but mostly i like country

Favorite Book:well i like to read alot, but the book im reading right now is called Tears Of Rage: The Adam Walsh Case (In case you dont know who that is, adam walsh is the son of john walsh the host of americas most wanted. Adam was his little boy that was killed.)

Favorite Sports Team: I dont really have a favorite team, But I do like watching college football and I guess if i had to choose I would say that I liked the wildcats from manhattan,KS

People I Most Admire: The person I most admire is my dad by far, and not just because he's my dad but because he has gone through alot of stuff and been there for me no matter what.